$0.99 on 11/20/2020 – Second Chance Ranch by Sharon Silva

An injured horse and a rescued dog. A family’s legacy in jeopardy. Can two broken hearts forgive themselves and the past in time to save it all?

Chaney Roberts and Lacy Morgan haven’t seen each other in over eight years, not since a cruel turn of fate forced them apart. Chaney swore he’d never return to Dogwood, Colorado, but now he’s back—stranded and broke. He’s struggled to resurrect his life since the day he left. Now he’s down on his luck and so is his newfound friend, an Australian Shepherd named Tucker.

Lacy is at long last on the precipice of a dream come true–turning her grandfather’s ranch into a sanctuary for wild and abused horses. While precarious conditions make operating the inherited ranch a daunting task, legal red tape ties her hands and threatens to pull the ranch out of her reach.

Chaney’s unexpected return is just another complication. But Lacy is desperate, and Chaney may just be the cowboy who can help her preserve the family home and hold onto her dream. Will that be enough for Chaney to win back her trust and make her realize she still loves him?Fate once tore them apart. Could fate also set their worlds right?

If you like sweet romances with just enough drama to keep you turning the pages, this is a book you will love.Buy Second Chance Ranch today for an adventure in Dogwood that will find a home in your heart.

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