$0.99 on 2/15/2022 – Oops, I Kissed Him Again by Cindy Ray Hale

An impulsive kiss and a fake relationship. What could possibly go wrong?

When chief of police, Will, pulls sassy Layla over for speeding yet again, the last thing he expects her to do is plant a kiss on him. And he certainly isn’t prepared for the fireworks that explode when their lips meet.

With a robbery in Maple Creek, Will has his hands full trying to track the criminal down. Matters only get worse when Layla’s flower shop is broken into. Not to mention the creepy guys that keep hitting on her.

Can he keep his heart in check around his old crush while keeping her safe?

Layla is determined to keep her matchmaking mother from setting her up with the worst guy in town. So when her mom witnesses her getting pulled over, she spontaneously kisses Will and tells her she’s engaged to him. The hilarious fake romance that ensues is all fun and games until her heart decides to get involved.

When she teams up with Will to track down the thief terrorizing their town, her feelings intensify, and she’s not sure how much longer she can keep him at arm’s length.

If you like witty banter, swoony kisses, and small-town sweet romantic comedy, then you’ll love the hilarious book readers are raving about! Binge the series, get hooked, and get ready to laugh!

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