$0.99 on 3/19/2021 – Dashing into Disaster by Rachel John

Elinor Dashwood has found the perfect job. There’s only one little catch… her boss.

Edward’s gorgeous, kind, and taken. Well, maybe. There’s something odd about his engagement to the town’s sweetheart, and it seems like he wants Elinor to figure it out.

Nope. Detective Elinor is not on the case. She’ll just admire him from afar like every other sensible person with an unrequited crush.

Edward Ferrars was just fine pretending to be engaged until Elinor moved to town, started working for him, and decided to invade his thoughts. Now his fake fiancée has set her sights on Elinor as enemy number one, and Elinor is the last person who deserves to be called a homewrecker.

He’s ready to call off this out-of-control favor, but if he unleashes the wrath of his fake fiancée, will Elinor be along for the ride?

Dive into this modern take on Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility with all the characters you know and love.

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