$0.99 on 7/20/2023 – Loving Dory by Irene Onorato

Sometimes moving on means letting go…

Six years after the tragic death of her husband, Dory Devereaux is given a second chance at love. Yet, she clings to the memory of her late husband, afraid that opening her heart to another man might once again end in pain. Dory must also consider the feelings of her sixteen-year-old son, Chase, who loved his father very much. Would she ever be able to put the past aside and share her life with someone else?

Dan Logan knew there was something special about Dory the moment he met her at the Crescent Harbor dock after saving Chase from drowning. Falling in love with her came almost as naturally as breathing. However, as long as the wedding ring on Dory’s finger clings to her like a ghost, chances of winning her heart are slim.

As Dan begins to finally break through the wall Dory built in her grief, unexpected guests turn up at her doorstep. Their presence creates chaos that threatens to put a wedge in the couple’s budding relationship.

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