$0.99 on 8/17/2023 – The Viscount’s Unlikely Ally by Rose Pearson

Miss Madeley must choose between her reputation and the viscount who holds her heart hostage.

When Lord Brookmire makes his way directly across the room towards Miss Deborah Madeley, she is horrified and attempts to give him the cut direct – only for him to drag her away to the corner of the room and beg for help from her and ‘The London Ledger’. Deborah tries to ignore the spark that sizzles up her arm at his touch and states that she does not think she can help him.
Despite her protests, however, her friends and Lady Yardley state that ‘The London Ledger’ can be used to assist Lord Brookmire and thus, their connection immediately deepens. Deborah is flung into Lord Brooking’s confusing world, finding that he is the only one she can hold onto when whispers begin to flood society about her instead.
Phillip, Viscount Brookmire, is being blackmailed. Fearful of what will occur if he does not do what is asked, he is desperate for help. Being drawn to Miss Deborah Madeley, he is distraught when his dark world begins to pull her in also. When he attempts to push her away in order to protect her, he is stunned when her strength refuses to permit him to do so. Will they be able to fight forward together? Or will he be forced to give in and, thereafter, leave London society – and Miss Madeley – altogether?

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