Aspen Hadley

$0.99 on 7/14/2021 – Suits and Spark Plugs by Aspen Hadley

Liv Phelps is on a mission. Get a degree, stay independent, save her family, and start a new life far from the small town where she was raised. Men, love, and emotion have no place in her plans. However, the universe has a different idea of what Liv needs, and when dashing Blaine Harris enters the diner where she's working, she decides that maybe she should give him a chance. Blaine is world's away from anyone she's ever known, and introduces her to things she's long dreamed about. But when he forces her to get her beat-down car seen by the local mechanic, a wrench is throw into the works.

Connor Hunt, resident of her same small town, has been at the very top of Liv's ‘do not disturb' list ever since she had a front row seat to watching him create his terrible reputation. A magician with cars, he agrees to fix Liv's in exchange for her willingness to clean his mechanic shop once a week. Although hesitant, a deal is struck. Liv never could have imagined how one simple ‘yes' would throw her life into the type of tailspin that she'd always planned to avoid.

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