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$0.99 on 11/25/2019 – The Keeper’s Sacrifice by Krystal M. Anderson

There was no better way to put it: Max Tucker was running away. The newly-constructed Puffin Point Lighthouse on the forested shores of Oregon seemed like the perfect place to nurse his broken heart, with its sweeping views of rock and wave and near-isolation from society.
Until he visits Spruce Hill, that is. The little lumber town’s locals seem to be welcoming and kind, embracing Chauntis Bay’s newest keeper of the light and making it easier to move forward with a new life. But when a violent winter storm threatens the integrity of the lighthouse and a foundered ship washes up to shore, Max is bewildered to find a single, unbelievable survivor…

A short story prequel to the Keepers of the Light multi-author series.

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$0.99 on 10/7/2019 – Brushstrokes and Blessings by Danielle Thorne

A painful past can't hold her back, but she won't let herself fall in love…

Darcy Malone is not the person she was in high school. She's earned an art degree and is determined to make a respectable name for herself teaching at the elementary school. When she runs headlong into a visiting stranger, she's fascinated by his confident, upbeat smile and love of art and history, but the thought of him learning her past makes it easy to keep him at arms-length.

History professor, Wade Spears, is researching a book, and his next stop is the quaint town of Blessings. He has a big decision to make, but it's impossible to choose when it feels like something's missing from his life. He's mesmerized by the beautiful art teacher's kindness and creative energy, but there's something mysterious about the way she deflects all of his efforts to get to know her.

Can the artist with a past brush over ancient history, or will she send away the man she loves to achieve his dreams without her?

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$0.99 on 6/29/2019 – Persuading Him by Keena Richins

At seventeen, Anne found the love of her life in an ambitious, yet troubled ex-foster boy. However, her wealthy family persuaded her to keep on her path to a prestigious career instead of running away with a boy with no future.

Eight years later, she finds herself with no career, little money, and a heart still pining for that ex-foster boy. When she accidentally runs into him–now handsome, rich, and completely over her–she determines to either change her life or change his mind.

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$0.99 on 6/15/2019 – Pop Stars Romantic Comedy Boxed Set by Rachael Eliker

Follow Ruby Harkwad, Kiki Loveless, and Monica Best as they navigate fame, hilarious mishaps, and finding true love.
When a Star Falls (Book One): Ruby Harkwad is a gifted songwriter, and when she meets Collin Moore, she falls head over heels for him. The pair become inseparable, but Ruby’s recruited by a top record label at the same time Collin’s career takes off, too. While dealing with an eccentric diva, a handsome backup guitarist, and sky-high stilettos, Ruby realizes Collin’s beautiful personal assistant has set her eyes on him. Ruby must decide between making a name for herself or sacrificing it all to keep from losing Collin for good…

How a Star Shines (Book Two): Kiki Loveless is the queen of pop music and resists having bodyguard, determined to protect her independence but her record label insists. To her surprise, her new guardian is Josh Coleman, a hunky former classmate. Josh helps Kiki navigate cringeworthy paparazzi photos, vain male co-stars, and rabid crowds of fans. When Kiki’s ex shows up, he makes it clear he’d love nothing more than to see Kiki fail, so she must decide if keeping her spot at the top of the pop charts is more important than risking it all on love.

See a Star Rise (Book Three): After a rocky start to stardom, Monica Best is finally back on track. She’s madly in love with her boyfriend and manager, Preston Scott, until she discovers him with another woman. Ready to swear off men, Monica is introduced to Logan Hathaway, her new publicist. Logan’s everything Preston isn’t and is willing to go along with Monica’s plan of becoming her fake boyfriend to make Preston jealous. The two agree on no attachment but real and fake become blurred. When she’s ready to try a real relationship, Logan’s unfailingly sweet lifelong friend decides to make her move. Heartbroken, Monica has to decide if she’s willing to fight for love or say goodbye before losing her chance at stardom.

$FREE on 5/20/2019 – Kissing the Intern by Brian Terenna

The path to true love is never easy… but it’s always worth it.
Nova Velez, a sassy Dominican, has a busy life, working two jobs, volunteering at the hospital, and finishing graduate school. It’s all necessary to fulfill her dream of helping troubled children. To graduate, she has to complete her school counseling internship, but it won’t be easy working with depressed, hormone-addled students. When she meets her distractingly handsome mentor, Bryce, a health conscious vegan, and the jealous, domineering principal, things become even more complicated. When sparks begin to fly between her and Bryce, complicated takes on a completely new meaning.
Enjoy this and more in the enchanting love story, “Kissing the Intern.”

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$0.99 on 5/13/2019 – Written in the Stars by Rachael Eliker

Eloise is ready to hit a high note as a pop star…except her ex is being a major distraction.

Eloise Stauch’s fears of becoming an old, shut-in cat lady are shelved when she’s invited to go on tour following an appearance on a popular singing competition. When all is said and done, she’ll have a recording contract with Harper Music. Simple…until her ex-boyfriend, Warren, shows up unannounced and with horrible timing: it’s on the one day she hasn’t washed her hair, and she’s still wearing the same pants she slept in.

Warren’s gorgeous singing voice and Southern charm are hard to resist, but Eloise is determined to stay focused. Easier said than done when one glance from him makes her insides turn to mush. Warren doesn’t hesitate trying to win her back, even if she occasionally wants to crawl under a rock when she makes a fool of herself. Protective of her once broken heart, Eloise quickly realizes she’s falling head over heels for him again.

As flirting with Warren reaches a pinnacle and she thinks she’s ready to give him a second chance, Eloise discovers he’s been keeping a secret that brings his character into question. When the music stops, Eloise will have to decide whether trusting Warren will lead her to another shattered heart or if the two of them just might discover a love that is written in the stars.

$0.99 on 5/11/2019 – The Sandover Beach Billionaire by Emma St. Clair

She never wanted to see him again.

So why can’t Jenna escape Jackson Wells’ smirking–and frustratingly attractive–face?

When she returns home to Sandover Island after her mother’s death, Jenna is at rock bottom. If there were a level lower than rock bottom, that’s where she is. Hope doesn’t exist down there. Neither does love.

To make things worse, Jenna keeps running into Jackson, a man she’s known–and avoided–since high school. She doesn’t know why he’s pulling the nice-guy act, but she isn’t buying.

Unless it isn’t an act at all. Then she might really be in trouble.

The one woman billionaire Jackson Wells has loved for half his life comes home…

….and still sees him as the idiot kid he was in high school.

He just wants a chance to show her that he has changed. But every kindness he tosses her way, she lobs back like a grenade. Jackson can see how high she’s built her walls to keep out the pain.

Good thing he’s prepared to scale them. No matter how long it takes.

But on a small beach island like Sandover, you can’t ever escape your past. Can Jackson and Jenna forge a new future together?

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$0.99 on 4/23/2019 – Sweet Billionaire Romance Box Set: Books 1-4 by Eliza Boyd

Fall in love with sweet billionaires who have heart with this box set. Four swoon-worthy books all in one!

Investigating the Billionaire (a mistaken identity romance)
Tessa's a journalist assigned to write a story about the illegal activities of local billionaire Beckett Stone. After her identity is mistaken, she finds an in with him only to discover that he seems too good to be doing anything illegal. But her past has shown her that people with that much money don't do good things. Will she uncover the truth and like what she finds out?

Healing the Billionaire (a second chance romance)
Hailey and Jared have been divorced for ten years. She's started her own cupcake business, and he's gone on to hit his goal of becoming a millionaire—by a long shot. Now a billionaire, Jared goes to visit his sister only to discover his ex-wife at the house. Not only that, she's sprawled out on the floor, clearly hurt. She's supposed to watch his sister's St. Bernard for the week, but with a bad wrist, she can't possibly wrangle the dog. So he stays and helps her bake cupcakes for future business opportunities. Will the exes find their way back to each other?

Persuading the Billionaire (a boss/employee, jilted bride romance)
Alexis dumps her cheating fiancé and goes solo on her honeymoon. When she arrives, billionaire Maxwell King knocks her over with his car door. After his assistant quits in the middle of the job at the Hawaiian resort, he finds himself being persuaded to allow Alexis take over. That's the favor she wants after she refused his money to pay for what he did to her. With a week together in paradise, will they keep it strictly business or find true love?

Engaging the Billionaire (a fake relationship romance)
Nicole's having a terrible week. But nothing makes it worse than losing her job thanks to a man she's never met before. When he gives her a ride home (because of course her car didn't start), he proposes an idea: pretend to be his fiancée so he can get his daughter into the private school she's begging to attend. As a billionaire, he can pay her handsomely for the gig. She desperately needs the money to take care of her father, so she accepts. Will she walk away when the job is done or will they have fallen in love before then?

Buy these Hallmark-style standalone billionaire romances and fall in love today!

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$0.99 on 4/20/2019 – The Prince’s Bewildered Bride by Evangeline Kelly

When Prince Edward of Calais received a note implicating his wife in an affair, he was furious. He’d only been married to Annette for three weeks, but she’d distanced herself from him almost as soon as they returned from their honeymoon.

Annette woke up disoriented, not knowing who she was or what happened to her. To make matters worse, someone shot her aunt and might be after her as well. Her relationship with Prince Edward seemed strained at best. After receiving a couple of threatening notes, she didn’t know who she could trust.

She knew she was drawn to Edward—they clearly had chemistry—but he kept her at arm’s distance. He was definitely hiding something.

Edward and Annette couldn’t fight the pull they had to each other, but Edward had to decide if he could forgive Annette, and she had to determine if she could trust him. In a world where everything was not as it seemed, will love prevail or will their marriage go down in a ball of flames?

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$0.99 on 4/10/2019 – Blind Date with a Billionaire Biker by Evangeline Kelly

She had a strict upbringing. He was in a motorcycle club. It wasn’t enough to keep them apart.
When Tirzah's soon-to-be-fiancé left her in a perilous situation, Dex rode up on a Harley like a fierce hero, saving her from a near-assault. Once she climbed on the back of his bike, everything shifted. They were from two different worlds, but God had plans neither of them counted on.

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