EC Sheedy

$FREE on 4/13/2018 – California Man by EC Sheedy

Bookstore owner, Emily, is shy and insecure. She might wish she was one of those supremely confident, kick-butt kind of women, but she's just . . . not. She's content living on her small island, in the background, unobserved. And if a man–not that there are many–should show an interest in her, her reactions are predictable, disbelief, fear, and panic attacks.

Quinn, a brilliantly successful celebrity entrepreneur, has some thinking to do about his business and his life. To do that, he needs downtime, a break from the tabloids, red carpets, bright lights–and distance from a certain aggressive and very famous actress. Pastoral Salt Spring Island in the Pacific Northwest offers the perfect getaway, and it has a great bookstore. Quinn plans to do a lot of reading. Not in his plan is falling hard for Emily, the store's timid, reclusive owner.

Quinn doesn't get why such a beautiful woman hides behind books, glasses, and big sweaters, but he does understand himself. He knows what he feels is love. His challenge is convincing shy Emily to beat back her fears and love him back.

It all begins with a bike ride . . .

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