happily ever after

$FREE on 10/18/2019 – Upon Us by Blakely Chorpenning

Twenty-five years into a self-imposed apocalypse known as the New Beginning, a clanless woman must abduct a villager while navigating a mysterious, zombie-like plague in order to steal next season's harvest before everyone starves to death. Through deception, conspiracy, and the horrors of an expanding pandemic, love thrives where a world chose to die.

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$FREE on 8/15/2019 – Second Chance with a Firefighter by Ellie Hall

He left his heart in his hometown but will he get a second chance?

Sadie Collins has spent more hours than she'd like to admit rehearsing what she'd say when she came face to face with her ex again.

It is not, “I’m stuck.”

After the rescue, her day goes from bad to worse when her boss discovers a glaring error in a project that she was in charge of. Worse, the mistake is mortifying.

Tripp Hawkins returns to Hawk Ridge Hollow after several years to find much is the same in his hometown: the quaint village, good friends, and the world-class ski resort owned by his family. Almost everything is the same except the girl he’d once called his sweetheart.

Sadie plans to spend Valentine’s Day alone. She has enough responsibility as it is. A romcom plus some chocolate sounds like the perfect date.

Tripp wants nothing more than a second chance with the girl who stole his heart and he’ll do anything to win her back.

But it might be too late. Has she moved on? Or did she never let go?

This is book 1 in Rich & Rugged, Hawkins Brothers Romance series. Each book stands alone but reading them in order provides a deeper, richer experience. It is a sweet, “clean and wholesome” romance without swearing or mature content and contains a HEA.

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$0.99 on 6/15/2019 – Pop Stars Romantic Comedy Boxed Set by Rachael Eliker

Follow Ruby Harkwad, Kiki Loveless, and Monica Best as they navigate fame, hilarious mishaps, and finding true love.
When a Star Falls (Book One): Ruby Harkwad is a gifted songwriter, and when she meets Collin Moore, she falls head over heels for him. The pair become inseparable, but Ruby’s recruited by a top record label at the same time Collin’s career takes off, too. While dealing with an eccentric diva, a handsome backup guitarist, and sky-high stilettos, Ruby realizes Collin’s beautiful personal assistant has set her eyes on him. Ruby must decide between making a name for herself or sacrificing it all to keep from losing Collin for good…

How a Star Shines (Book Two): Kiki Loveless is the queen of pop music and resists having bodyguard, determined to protect her independence but her record label insists. To her surprise, her new guardian is Josh Coleman, a hunky former classmate. Josh helps Kiki navigate cringeworthy paparazzi photos, vain male co-stars, and rabid crowds of fans. When Kiki’s ex shows up, he makes it clear he’d love nothing more than to see Kiki fail, so she must decide if keeping her spot at the top of the pop charts is more important than risking it all on love.

See a Star Rise (Book Three): After a rocky start to stardom, Monica Best is finally back on track. She’s madly in love with her boyfriend and manager, Preston Scott, until she discovers him with another woman. Ready to swear off men, Monica is introduced to Logan Hathaway, her new publicist. Logan’s everything Preston isn’t and is willing to go along with Monica’s plan of becoming her fake boyfriend to make Preston jealous. The two agree on no attachment but real and fake become blurred. When she’s ready to try a real relationship, Logan’s unfailingly sweet lifelong friend decides to make her move. Heartbroken, Monica has to decide if she’s willing to fight for love or say goodbye before losing her chance at stardom.

$0.99 on 3/29/2019 – The Billionaire’s Secret Heir by Emma St. Clair

He needed an heir. She wanted her baby to have a father. Neither planned to fall in love.

Beckett Van de Kamp is poised to officially take the reins of the family business–until his aging father's request for him to have an heir becomes a requirement. When he discovers that an old girlfriend had his baby before she died, Beckett sees this as a perfect business transaction. But when Becka and her Aunt Madeline enter his life, he realizes that it might not be so simple to keep his heart out of it.

When her sister is killed in a car accident, Madeline Lott goes from being her niece Becka's paid nanny to her primary caregiver. She is left struggling to pay the bills and needs to provide evidence to the court that she is a suitable guardian for Becka. Discovering that billionaire Beckett Van de Kamp is Becka's father seems to be the answer to her financial crisis, but Madi wants more. She finds herself falling hard for Beckett as his reserved demeanor begins to dissolve.

What started as a business matter moves to be a matter of the heart. But when Beckett and Madi are rocked by an event neither expected, will it break apart what they have built together?

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$0.99 on 2/5/2019 – Shoot for the Stars by Rachael Eliker

Vanessa de la Paz has always had it all…until she can’t have her best friend, Harrison.

Growing up the daughter of a wealthy Colombian businessman, Vanessa has been handed life on a silver platter. When she sets her sights on becoming the world’s next singing sensation without her father’s money, she hits a dead end at every turn and is ready to admit defeat for the first time. At a last-minute tryout for a singing competition, she manages to get her foot in the door, and is convinced it’ll be an easy win.

Friend and Harper Music wardrobe genius, Harrison Burbank isn’t the type of man Vanessa typically dates, but once the contest kicks into gear, Vanessa realizes there’s something special about his adorable smile and endearing quirks. Right as she’s ready to make her move, a fellow contender with artificially enhanced lips, cheap hair extensions, and the determination to win at any cost swoops in and steals away Harrison’s affections.

Vanessa realizes winning the competition is on the line, but persuading Harrison that opposites attract would be the biggest prize of all.

$0.99 on 11/23/2018 – A Shattered Life Restored by Marshalee Patterson

Sitting at the Saint-Roch Train Station with tears in her eyes, Meg contemplated where her life had gone wrong. She was at a point in her life where she felt abandoned by God after the last remaining person who truly loved her, died.

Now with a baby on the way, she had begun to lose hope that the future, she knew the Lord had promised her was never meant for her.

With a gentle tap on her shoulder, her gaze turned to meet that of Derek’s, the kind stranger whose smile brought warmness into her heart. “Was he sent to fulfil God’s promise in my life?” she thought.

With assured faith, she followed him as he led her away, trusting that God had not forsaken her. Now she felt content to allow God to have his way in her life and totally surrender all to him.

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