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$0.99 on 10/12/2023 – Secrets in the Shadows by Lynn landes

Lillian Guilford faces a devastating setback when she loses her job at the textile mill, leaving her with few options to survive in the unforgiving city. Desperate, she risks it all on a lie, assuming the pseudonym of “Peter Guilford,” her supposed uncle. She becomes employed as an author of Penny Bloods. Her thrilling tales of adventure, romance, and intrigue that once served as an escape from reality at the mill, now serve as her livelihood.

However, Lillian's newfound success comes at an unexpected cost. Her life turns into a precarious balancing act where every step she takes risks revealing her true identity. As if maintaining the deception wasn't hard enough, she finds herself drawn in by the handsome owner of the publishing house, Apollo Donovan. Lillian never imagined that her heart might be stolen by the very man she is deceiving.

Shadows loom on the fringes of her life, threatening to pick apart the new life she has woven from this web of lies. Threats and dangers mount, and Lillian is dragged deeper into a game of secrets. How long can she maintain this charade? Will her true identity be revealed, risking the ruin of everything she has worked for?

In this gripping tale of love and deceit set against the backdrop of late 19th-century New York, follow Lillian as she traverses the fine line between truth and fiction, passion and betrayal. Will love triumph over deception, or will the secrets she guards so closely shatter the fragile world she has built for herself?”

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