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$FREE on 2/15/2019 – Sweet Love at Honey Landing by Linda Ellen

A Mail Order Bride story—with a twist!
October 1870 – Cincinnati born Angelique DeWitt, widowed and caring for her five-year-old daughter, Zina, finds herself scrambling for a place for her and her little girl. About to become homeless and in desperation, Angelique makes a quick decision to become a mail order bride for a man named Thaddeus Billings, a hotel owner in Kansas. But…once they get on their way, Angelique wonders if she has done the right thing, especially when disaster strikes!
Terry Cramer has had it rough most of his life. Now divorced and raising his six-year-old son, he has a prosperous farm and steamboat landing on the banks of the Ohio River—thirteen miles south of Louisville. He has everything he needs… except a good woman to love him and help raise his boy. Always too busy to go out looking for a female to court, Terry says one would have to drop onto his lap.
Sometimes things work out in strange ways, even because of a broken down old steamboat.
You just never know what’s around that next bend in life, do you?
If you enjoy a good, clean, old-fashioned romance with lots of history and endearing characters, written like the classic movies of old, then Sweet Love at Honey Landing is for you!